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How about I drop a redemption nuke on Pandora ...

I AM SO SO SO SORRY I EVER INSULTED YOU. I hereby annul ALL reviews I have written before and give you an Uber rating of over 9,000 stars for all I ever insulted you!!!!!!! You have worked BEYOND MIRACLES for me to get where I am. Thank you, Pandora Developers!!!!!



Great music

Awesome channels

Music first!

I love ya guys from the beginning. Music is never ending!


Helps me with my depression with hearing music and yeah I’m usually putting on a face for everybody but with my music I can nit fake what I like and how I am

iOS 12+Pandora+Siri shortcuts= Amazing

I just want to say that this new update that supports the Siri shortcuts is f****** amazing. I’ve been waiting for these feature for a while now. Now I can just say hey Siri play shuffle when I put my headphones in and boom it starts playing. Way better than having to open the app. Can’t wait for the app for the Apple Watch though and I want to suggest a feature for Siri shortcuts that allows you to tell Siri to like the song or search a song in particular.

I love listening to Pandora

I love listening to pandora


It’s good


Too many commercials and too many times I’m asked if I want to make an account!! I would have already made an account if I wanted one, relax on all these pop ups.


Great listening

Can’t get out.

I’ve been trying to cancel Pandora. Dealt with Apple Store and my credit card company. No one can talk to anyone at Pandora to cancel my service. Thought I had it resolved but just got auto-renewed. Now back to square 1. I may have to cancel my credit card and get a new one with a different account number. Very annoying.

It’s okay

I’m not for the adds there not great but otherwise it’s a good app


For the love of God. I’m going to have to switch to Spotify because I’m so freaking sick of the spanish ads. I don’t speak spanish, give an option to turn this off for those who don’t speak the language. Your ads are falling on “deaf ears” so to speak.

GreT service

Unbelievable service listen every time I gets a chance 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾


Has the song I want to hear and my phone did that fast like sum times ❤️❤️


Let’s me play my music best app for music

No Apple watch support!

Truly disappointed that one of the best music streaming providers can’t even support the Apple Watch. I used to really love pandora, I had many stations tailored for different tastes and occasions. Now that I have an Apple Watch and use it to stream music I am forced to use other services. My only options are Apple Music and IHeartRadio. Apple Music has been pretty pleasurable and I would go as far as saying it is a better source for music. I will no longer be using Pandora due to their lack of support and will be telling friends to switch to Apple Music. Goodbye pandora.


Great,Awesome,Love 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿❤️❤️❤️

All Beatles

Love the Beatles.....Love can I be wrong?....thank you so much.... takes away stress....and helps me heal....from Melvin Brady....

Pandora is amazing 😉!!!

I love pandora so much! I can play what ever song I want and how ever many times I want and I also can look up a song too! I listen to pandora everyday and I love it! You should go download it, you won’t regret it!🧡🧡😍😂✨


Pandora is pretty good just repetitive track selection and bad algorithms to change genre or artist preference amongst the list you provide.


I love pandora and don’t even listen to radio anymore!!!!!

Great app

Fabulous streaming music


Love my Pandora. Especially when I get a free hour of uninterrupted listening.

2 horribly annoying features...

A. I almost have to open the App every time I get in my car for Bluetooth and then tap to get past this useless “Get Started” page. B. Almost every time the app opens and I get through A, it asks about getting local concert info, after clicking not now or the other option, it triggers the Apple settings to change location services. If they don’t get rid of these useless annoying forced clicks to use the app, I’m canceling family plan. I sometimes use one of the other players music app, and it auto plays in my car almost 100% of the time. Pandora - please fix. Also, yes I have all notifications turned off for the app in IOS and in the app itself.


I really enjoy listening to music especially the oldies . I liked different music too .

Thumbs up allows me to customize a stations that’s already generalized and it’s awesome

I just love that pandora starts with general songs in your selected station, then gives you the power to customize your tunes through thumbs up or thumbs down.

Love it except for.....

I pay for the subscription so I don’t have to hear commercials, however I do hear advertising for local shows. I only want music, no dialogue at all. If it’s only available through the premium then I guess that’s how they get us. I’ll have to look and see if there’s something I need to turn off to eliminate these “announcements”. Other then that I love it!!


Are use old Crow medicine show radio and every fourth or fifth song it plays a hip-hop explicit song unlike the bluegrass I want to listen to please fix this glitch thank you very much


Pandora is a great music app from doing homework to exercising I rate five stars

Need more variety and deeper tracks

Probably hear the same 40 songs on shuffle

Ughhhhh why

It's ad after ad after ad and so on and so on... I like how it introduces you to new music but then they'll literally play the exact same song 3 times in a span of less than an hour

Every Day I REJECTED pay for premium

Pandora your advertisement is a LIE. I paying user and is a LIE WEN YOU PAYING FOR PREMIUM AND DON’T HAVE UNLIMITED SKIPS. And the app keep saying “for licenses limitations we cannot skip this song”. But any other day you can skip the same song. PANDORA, AT THIS POIN SPOTIFY LOOKS A LOT MORE ATTRACTIVE. AND THEIR PREMIUM, IS REALLY A PREMIUM.

Big M



Love this app like can’t stop listening to the music on this app.Love you Pandora makers and all the artist of the songs that are on here.😍😘

Pandora, you are it.

Fluid, easy to use, decent metrics. I have no idea what that last sentence means.


I’ve been listening to pandora since my college days and have depended on it to get me through countless study sessions and sleepless nights.. I’ve loved that it’s free and it’s quality. I’ve had an account since approximately 2009. I’ve had the competitor and the paid service just doesn’t compare. I’m loyal.


Would like to start showing writers of songs again.


Pandora is my life. I have used pandora for about 4-5 years I LOVE YOU PANDORA 😁💕💕😍😘🎼🎶🎵

I love it

Love is having my music readily available all day

Need Help

I did the $4.99/month trial that says listening without ads. There are still ads and there’s no where to fix the issue on their help site. If it says $4.99 for no ads and there are still ads I hesitate to pay $12.99/month. There is no way to get help and fix it.


This music station keeps me sane. Depending on my mood, I can listen to music to go with it! Need to clean, I listen to 70s rock! Do projects for Christmas in June, put on Christmas music! Love it!!


I love pandora!!!

You killed it

I’ve been listening all day, every day, for like three years. I’ve actually broken two iPhones since you’re new crappy programming forcing me to go to offline every 5 minutes, even though I pay for the fastest internet on the market. Probably gonna find something else if you don’t fix this malicious programming BS that all the major corporations are using. It’s unfortunate that you’ve joined the thief ring...

Pandora review

It’s really easy to use, they have great options and there isn’t that much commercials! I love this music app!


Loving this app

Office Chic

While I’m at work I listen to pandora and it gets me through the whole day.


Love my Eagles station ..




Easy to get started. Easy to use.

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