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5 stars

I’m very happy with pandora! I like how I have a large selection of my favorite songs just by liking them. I just pick a mood(based off station) and listen to a variety of songs that just fill my mood. Thanks!

Like it

I like it but I don’t understand why the music has to start as soon as the app is opened. Scares me every time.

I love and appreciate pandora.

My stations are awesome. Pandora plays the hits that I would never be able to remember. Thanks for always taking me down memory lane. Todd Harris @Atown Alabama.


I love the the app! One improvement though is maybe you could add unlimited skips to thumbprint Radio.

Violent femmes

Where are they ?


Like it


Great as long as is doesn’t use up my data.

Love it

I love Pandora because I can discover new artists and I can add variety to my stations!


Beautiful App I love this ❤️

Used to love it

This used to be the best app, because I could listen to stuff that I didn’t have the money to own just yet. Every 3-4 songs would play the artist of the playlist. Flash forward to now, and I’m lucky to even hear one song on the playlist by the eponymous artist using all of my skips. I’m on the BlackPink radio because I want to hear BlackPink. Not BTS, GOT7, or anything else. And even when you do play BlackPink, it’s the same 3 songs. You played Ddu-du Ddu-Du for like, 2 weeks and now I never hear it. It feels like you’re intentionally making a crappy inferior product to try and make us buy your premium version. I’m never giving you my money, and I’ll delete your app in frustration long before I’m ever tempted to try premium.

Good music

This the music of my youth. It can’t be found elsewhere. My all time favorite is Nate King Cole.


Great music


Found your programming while searching for new artists somehow. view = ui.View() and all that good stuff. ;)


Tales forever to load, too many pop ups and always tries to force you into listening to a handful of basic artists

Can’t find better variety anywhere else

Love the website and live the ever lasting choice of music. Have been a fan from day one. Wish I could have it without a commercial here and there, but I will eventually do it. Keep up the awesome music choice going. Thanks.

Not bad

Good but same songs over and over


What an absolute wonder!!!! I can actually find music that’s still a joy to the senses—— unlike the morass the young are sinking in now! Thanks for the ability to still choose


Pandora is great way to listen to a certain genre and find new songs 10/10

Enjoy it

Good musics

Premium “Catch” Pandora

There are still a few “catches” in the Premium subscription. When it goes offline the music that it “pre-downloads” is either older music from the artists your listening too, doesn’t play any thumbs up music and it plays the same songs every time you go offline. Very annoying. I would rather use my data. Also, for some random reason it seems to choose the live version of songs. For some that might be great, but I’m not a fan of recorded live from concert songs. But I do love regular Pandora!

Love the pandora!!!

Love pandora!!

No ads or shorter ads

No ads or shorter ads

Enjoying Pandora

My sister told me about Pandora. I heard people talk about it but never listened. I love the Gospel n R&B selection. I will definitely become a member it’s worth every penny

Great app

I love the new update!!!

Commercials more than music

If you don’t buy enhancements you get close to one ad per song. 2 per song if you “skip” or thumb down a song.

Bring back screen rotation

I used to be able to rotate the screen and now it always has to be straight up and down not sure why but i liked being able to have it on the side with the album cover on one side and the song list on the right

To much adds

Way to much adds all I want to to is listen to music I don’t want to hear an add after every song

More classic new rock & roll MNEW STUFF



I love pandora ...


No support for Apple Watch. Pandora is pretty much over priced rubbish at this point.

Songs skip too often, keeps asking for location access

Still love the song picking algorithms but I am tired of constantly being asked to allow location access EVERY time I use the app. Also recently songs often don’t complete but skip to another song.

La mejor aplicacion

Elegir un artista y oír todo lo relacionado a su género es un éxito.

Apple watch support

Love the app. Really Really wish I could thumb up or thumb down songs on my Apple Watch. Is this in the works would be really neat to know either way.

Stop selling premium upgrade on every use

My family has for music services including this one. I listen a few hours a month. We don’t want or need Pandora’s premium upgrade. Can’t you program your algorithms to ask this question once a month or twice a year? Try using IPSoft’s Amelia technology if you don’t know how to perform this customer satisfaction function.


Bottom of all my music apps. And on top of it being really basic it’s hard to cancel premium

I love this!

I am really impressed with Pandora's ability to learn the music that I want to hear. And, I like being exposed to music I never new existed.

I like it but

I like pandora for a lot of reasons but that I am out of the country and I can’t use it.

Debbie Ann

Amazing music always just what I need to hear

Pandora Plus not worth the frustration

I’ve been a Pandora Plus subscriber for at least a year now, but I think I’ve finally had the last straw. For whatever reason, the “Thumbprint Radio” is really just shuffling songs from all my stations, instead of playing my thumbs ups, which it used to (and isn’t there a shuffle radio option?? Why does the t.p. radio need to do the exact same thing??). I purposely never thumbed up any songs on those stations because I didn’t want them popping up when I was listening to the t.p radio, but now I get about 70% those songs I never thumbed up, and 30% songs I actually thumbed up. Either rename the radio to reflect what it’s actually playing, or fix it so that it actually plays what I want it to play: my thumbs ups. Not worth paying $5 a month just to be dissatisfied. Better off spending my money elsewhere where I can actually control what I listen to (Spotify).

Not bad, but ADS

I really enjoy the app-tons of music from all genres, the stations play music actually similar to the artist,and the other stations that aren’t artist specific are good too. But the reason for three stars is that I just got woken up for the MILLIONTH TIME by the stupid ADS. Could you people PLEASE turn them down?? Or add something in the settings that would allow to tone them down a bit? Or maybe just make them less annoying in GENERAL?!? Please do!!

So good

It is awesome you can pick every station that you want and you you can just do everything you want with music and I personally think that Pandora is better then then Spotify


It’s not letting me listen to a song without an add

Classic rock radio

The best- I use it in my art studio constantly!

Amazing music

This app has amazing music that you can listen to while playing a different game, exercise, or work


I never wanted to get the app now that I do I wished I would of got it sooner


Make a button that would let me replay the same song over and over AND LESS. ADDS


Personalization to the maximum pleasure.

Probably a glitch

I recently switched phones and switched over all of my data but whenever I go into pandora it doesn’t play any of my downloaded songs or any songs in my playlists plz helpppp

One of the best music apps


Too many adds

I might as well listen to the local radio station now. So many commercials. The thumbs down feature is only temporary now

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