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I have the premium pandora and every time I download more then one track on an album it wont let me select certain songs it just go to right one song no matter how many times I click another song please fix this for a better rating thank you

Best music app

I listen to this app all day and it puts me to sleep at night. The songs never get old. I love how you can create a station with one song then before you know it, its the best station youve ever heard! I never have had an issue with it crashing. Best app ever; I cant say it enough!


Poop app. Crashes too much. Way too many commercials. I understand making money off advertisements but come on man.

Not working.

The app currently wont start on my iPhone 7 plus. ?


Takes me where I want to go :)

Same song

Every time I open pandora on a certain station, it keeps giving me the Same songs. It would be nice if you gave me a Variety of songs thank you. Also, if you thumbs up a song, it keeps giving it to you. (In my case)

Tho original

Always improving love it

Love it!

My favorite music app!

Good, but ads

Its good, but there seem to be a lot of ads.

Great App!

It may crash here and there, but overall its a great app and always has been!

Im American I speak and listen to English

1st off adds are crap you keep adding more and more. 2nd next add that I have to listen to that is in Spanish I will delete the app. Stop with the Spanish adds

Love it

Its good if you have premium


Its the best music app

Bang your head anywhere,anytime

The music you want when you want it??Keep it up!!!

Fairly good, except...

My friends and I have had issues when pairing it with another device. When syncing with a stereo deck, I lose control of the app. While Im not certain if that is a fault of the app or the stereo deck, I get frustrated to the point where I dont use the app while driving. Hope this helps!

Love It

Wish there was another shut down mode other than completely signing out. I may walk away for a period of time and when I come back if I had signed out I have to sign back in or it kills my battery if I dont sign out.

Wont even open

With the new update out, the app will not open up or play music. Thanks apple for ruining my music :/

Truly the best

... For stations when you dont have set artist in mind Looking forward to sampling their pro edition.

Rudolfyves suggests the following:

Keep improving in variety ! ⬇️ All cultures and sub cultures from the metropolitan to the mountain musical arrangements ⬇️ All nations! All corners of the planet need to be heard!!! ⬇️ Keep up the good work!!!

Always something new to explore

You get out of it what you put in. Pandora rarely lets me down, and always keeps me up to date while also keeping things nostalgic, I love it.

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