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Love pandora but the new version not so much

Ive used pandora for several years. This new app version is buggy. Its much slower than previous versions. Takes longer for songs to load, when switching to a new song the title of the old song still lingers although the app "thinks" it has switched to the new song, causing me to thumbs down a song I like or skip it thinking it hadnt switched. Also, if I want to go back and thumbs up or down a song that has finished it takes several seconds for those buttons to appear below the picture of the album or I have to tap the screen for them to appear. Sometimes the songs just wont play. Nothing to do with my connection or phone have changed, the only variable is the app. The aesthetics are fine I dont care about those but please fix the bugs because it makes me not want to use your app.

Love pandora

I essentially spend the entire day in the truck and listen to pandora constantly. I did the premium trial which was awesome but at 12.99/mo its crazy. I dont want to spend $150/year to listen to music just for no ads. If the rate were cheaper I would definitely get premium.

Love it!

Pandora is my go to music app! Its plays all the songs I like❤️


Does the job

Love it!

Ive been a Pandora user for years and its the only streaming service I use.


Love Pandora. Thank you.

Daily app

Its an app that I use every day. I like the fact you can add other artists to a station now. Thats helped to mix it up a bit. It certainly helps to spend the time liking and disliking songs to focus each station to your tastes

My only music app

Pandora is my only music app! It has every song I like and introduced me to more. Couldnt travel without it

How could you not love Pandora!

I started listening to Pandora music at least five years ago and Ive never been disappointed. We in America have been blessed with nothing but the best and Pandora is a big part of our blessings! Thank you Pandora.


Every time at gym it is a must!

Plays Exactly what Im looking for.

Ive tried the other ones and like Pandora much better. Wish they had lyrics listed, lyrics would be 5 star.

Cant load any of the stations

Since last update I cant load any of my stations. A pop up message keeps saying "This station is not currently available. Please choose another station" So basically this app has become useless in my phone. Will keep using spotify and other similar apps. Btw I deleted and installed the app twice. I had removed all stations and added new ones and still get this anoying message. Unfortunately it has FAILED to me

The option to cancel is well hidden

I have no idea how I ended up with the Premium subscription, but when I look for the option to cancel it, the App is telling me to go to the App Store. I go to the App Store and the option is nowhere to be found. I go to the website to look for a phone number to call and its also no easy to find. I love the app and have been using it for years, but the type of customer service and support its definitely low to none existent.

Great app, works for me

Dig it. Works for me and no problems, especially after I subscribed.

Good music good mix

It gets me through the day with a variety of music.


Love this app



Great for parties

It doesnt take up hardly any mobile data when you dont have Internet?. Also great if you only have a category of music you want to listen to in mind, I just wish they had Sickamore Treezy


Good app of music

Free trial

I dont like this free trial of Pandora Premium, I prefer the free version. I have it set to shuffle but have certain stations uncheck as I do t want to hear that artist or Im tired of hearing that artist. This premium version played that particular artist and I had no way to go around It playing that artist without deleting them from my list. I did ended up deleting the artist from my list because it kept playing their songs. I didnt want to thumbs down all of them. I do like a few of their songs but I wasnt in the mood to listen to them. Yes I could have just hit next but I knew it would play more of their music through the day. I now know I will never upgrade to the premium version.

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